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Competition Schedule (PDF)


Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. All matches will begin at 9:00 a.m. See the Competition Schedule for additional information.


All matches are held on Saturdays and begin at 9:00am

February 24 RESCHEDULED to March 24

March 24: CMP Vintage Rifle Match, 30 Rounds + 5 sighters, CMP Sanctioned (match bulletin | registration form)

April 28: NRA High Power Rifle, 500 Aggregate, NRA Approved

June 23: NRA High Power Rifle, 500 Aggregate, NRA Approved

August 25: NRA High Power Rifle, 500 Aggregate, NRA Approved

September 22: CMP M1 Garand / Military Rifle Clinic + 35 rounds Practice Match, CMP Sanctioned (match bulletin | registration form)

October 27: CMP M1 Garand Match, As Issued Service Rifle, 30 rounds + 5 sighters, CMP Sanctioned (match bulletin | registration form)


Weather Policy

Severe weather may cause the Match Director to delay relays until the situation improves. Matches will be fired regardless of mildly inclement weather, but not if lightening threatens. If at least match relay is completed, this will constitute a match and no refunds will be given.

  1. Every match event will start on time, based on the Match Bulletin and based on the current weather conditions as determined by the Match Director.
  2. The Match may be suspended if the following weather issues are present:
    1. Lightening on the range
    2. Rain or snow so hard that you cannot see the targets
    3. Targets so wet that they will not stay intact for scoring the hits.
    4. Winds so severe that targets will not stay in the frames
  3. Match Director will review the weather conditions and grant a 15 minute delay in the Match as appropriate to allow conditions to improve.

If weather conditions do not improve after several delays, the Match Director may halt the Match and use available scores to grade the competitors.

Note: Sir Walter Gun Club encourages participation in as many matches as possible at the following venues:


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