Creedmoor, North Carolina

Sir Walter Gun Club Committees

Sir Walter offers many different shooting opportunities; something for every sports person. Limiting membership to 300 people and keeping the annual dues a very reasonable level means that Sir Walter relies heavily on volunteer labor from its members to keep the Club operating and maintained. Recently, Sir Walter changed the method by which it employs our member labor. Instead of once-a-month work days with unscheduled labor, Sir Walter had established different committees to which members will volunteer their services. Review the current committee outline in the file contained in this page. You’ll see a wide range of committee functions. Choose to join one or more committees whose activities are closely aligned with your special skill sets.

The objective of committees is to take the big job of operating one of the area’s finest shooting clubs and organize it into a series of smaller jobs that can be completed with a focused group of members led by a Chairperson. Committees will be given a broad guideline on what they are to do, given the resources to do it, and will be operated by an engaged and involved group of members who believe that just doing the minimum isn’t the sportsman’s way. Chairpersons will guide their teams to accomplish their tasks, keep track of work done by members, and report each members work completed at the end of the year.

Being a Sir Walter member is a great privilege. We all work together to sustain the legacy. Should a member decide not to participate in a committee, or if in a committee decide not to meet the minimum work requirement (one 8 hour day), the alternative is to pay the Club operating fee at the end of the year.

We think you’ll agree that with this new committee structure, the Club will get more of its work done faster and provide all of the members with greater opportunity to shoot. Hope to see your name on one or more of our committees soon. Please contact the committee chair directly to volunteer. Contact information is available under Member Resources. If a chair person isn’t yet listed, contact me and I’ll get you assigned to a committee.

Thanks for your support of Sir Walter